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Clinical Massage

Clinical massage treatment sessions are designed for patients with acute or chronic conditions.  Physician ore specialist referral and/or diagnisis is recommended but not required.  This service includes development of a treatment plan and progress assessment throughout treatment until discharge.   

25% discout for self-pay patients due to reduced paperwork

Initial visit, intake assessment and first treatment

This session will be your initial consult and therapist will perform range of motion, postrual, structural and tissue assessments.  From this a treatment plan will be developed including frequency and duration of treatments to achieve desired goals and date of reassessment of progress.  First treatment will occur as time allows


Planned Treatment Session

Tretment sessions will occur one to two times per week in the beginning and gradually increase time between treatements as the patient responds to treament.  Treatment sessions may include massage, passive stretching, range of motion, instrument assisted  soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, manual lymphatic drainage, cupping, taping, or warm/cold therapy as the therapist determines appropriate.


$30 per 15 minute increment

Reasssement or Discharge session

During this session your therapist will repeat formal range of motion, postrual, structural and tissue assessments.  From this the treatment plan will be revised to reflect progress or patient will be discharged if goals have been achieved.   Treatment will occur as time allows.


$30 per 15 minute increment


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